Staff and consultants

Staff working on DOMINO

Dr Nigel Heywood 
(DOMINO Project Manager)

Dr. Nigel Heywood is a Chartered Chemical Engineer & Fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers with a PhD from the University of Wales. He researched multiphase pipeflow at Toronto University, and has worked at Warren Spring Laboratory, AEA Technology and Aspen Technology. He is a senior BHR consultant in slurry handling and the author of over 200 articles and reports and a book “Slurry Handling: Design of Solid-Liquid Systems”.

Telephone: +44 (0)330 119 1987


Dr Gustavo Padron

Senior Technical Consultant, BHR Group 

Gustavo was awarded a BSc from the Universidad Metropolitana, Venezuela, and MSc and PhD from the University of Maryland, USA, all in chemical engineering. He worked in the oil industry, Intevep, Venezuela for 4 years. Since joining BHR Group in 2005, Gustavo has worked on several research and consultancy projects which include industrial consortia, DOMINO and FMP in addition to projects partially funded by the EC, PROFORM and AddNano. Gustavo is currently the manager of FMP. He has published several papers and given presentations at international conferences.


Mr Chris Hampson


Mr Brian Perkins


DOMINO External Consultants


Prof. Jerzy Baldyga

Warsaw University of Technology, Poland


Prof. Rich Calabrese